CRC 779

Neurobiology of Motivated Behavior


Section A: Human Experimental Projects
TP Primary Investigator(s) Title
A01 Hopf, Schoenfeld The spatio-temporal dynamic of reward- and attention-related selection in human visual cortex
A02 Zähle, Düzel, Heinze Cortico-basal ganglia mechanisms for overcoming prepotent behaviour
A03 Krauel, Stenner Internal models of stimulus-response and action-outcome associations in ADHD
A04 Pollmann, Preuschof Neuronal representation of motivational value and context in explicit and implicit learning
A06 Walter, Fejtová Modulation of excitation/inhibition balance by NMDAR antagonism in depression
A07 Düzel, Speck Functional control of dopamine release in humans: changes in aging and the modifying role of the locus coeruleus (LC)
A10E Richardson-Klavehn, Schott Hippocampal functional connectivity during episodic memory formation in humans: The roles of reward- and salience-related dopaminergic brain areas, novelty, and schema-related episodic distinctiveness
A11E Heinze, Voges, Kluge Evaluation, exploration and action: The role of the PPN
A12 Ullsperger, Speck Habenular (dys)function in decisions on approach and avoidance
A14N Donohue, Harris, Schoenfeld From reward to addiction: the neural correlates of “craving”
A15N Noesselt, Hanke Anticipation, Processing, and Control of primary rewards
Section B: Animal Experimental Projects
TP Primary Investigator(s) Title
B01 Ohl Interaction of sensory and reinforcement-evaluating brain systems in auditory learning
B05 Stork GABA interneurons as mediators of cognitive flexibility
B06 Leßmann Synaptic plasticity mechanisms regulating fear memory and fear extinction learning
B08 Karpova, Kreutz The NMDA-receptor-activated nuclear import of Jacob: A signaling-pathway for learning-induced gene expression?
B09 Dieterich, Gundelfinger, Tischmeyer Mechanisms of synaptic plasticity during cortex-dependent learning
B11 Gerber Parceling out the sites and mechanisms of reward-, relief- and safety-memories in Drosophila
B13N Fendt, Goldschmidt Emotional aspects of event learning in rats: Characterization and neural basis
B14 Dityatev, Frischknecht, Seidenbecher Interplay between the dopaminergic system and the extracellular matrix in neuroplasticity and aversive learning
B15N Dieterich, Yarali Searching for the engram at the proteome level
B16N Happel, Jocham Value computations in sensory cortical areas during choice: network mechanisms and neuromodulation
B17N Sauvage Processing spatial and non-spatial information during the retrieval of motivated memories
Central Projects
TP Primary Investigator(s) Title
Z01 Kähne, Naumann Proteome Analysis and Mass Spectrometry
Z02 Ohl CRC central business
Module Graduate School
TP Primary Investigator(s) Title
IRTG Ohl, Gerber Graduate School 'Neurophysiology of behavioral control'